this one is easy............but can you name the others
where am I?
# 2.
NOW........If you don't know this aint from the NEIGHBORHOOD!                                                                                                                                                                                                                   # 4
          # 5
1 ) 187 yard,    2)  Behind 245 th place * ( clothes line    )  3) 221,  4)    DEEPDALE pool     5.) Milk Machine ,laundry room.  6) Beech Hills 245 place court.
*- where the tanzers, starks, sacks, weinbergs, cohens,, bermans,  oberants, daly's-underbergs (as in mr daly- probolskys, wormans, a few more that I can't remember all lived. 
The one with the steps is the one behind the court on 245th place- same as the the picture Gerry sent you of her and ricky sitting on the rail by the milk machine steps
The one with the bbq is the place we used to hang laundry benind the court on 245th place- next to the playground
That is the top of the hill at 221  and  marathon parkway

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