A memorial service will he held for Amy at 2:30 PM Friday, March 17th  at the Beth Israel Memorial Chapel, 11115 Jog Road, Boynton Beach,FL. 33437   561-732-3000.  In lieu of flowers, charitable donations will be accepted.
Please send your contribution to:

Temple Beth Tikvah
4550 Jog Road
Greenacres, FL. 33467-4160

Hi Dawn,

                   Yes, Amy did mention your name to me on more than one occasion and I must say the upcoming reunion was the most important thing in her life the last couple of months. She was looking forward to it more than any other event she has ever been to. Ironically, we had planned to book our flights the evening of the day she fell ill.
Last Thursday afternoon, Amy collapsed at work and her co-worker, who she had just returned from lunch with, called 911 and then me at my office. I rushed to the hospital where they took Amy and by then they had done a Cat Scan of her brain. The neurologist on call as it happened is a friend of mine. He showed me the CT scan and I could see that there was massive bleeding in her brain. An angiogram was immediately performed which showed a large aneurysm had burst on the right side of her brain. She underwent a five hour surgical procedure to clip the aneurysm and to evacuate as much of the blood and fluid that had built up as possible. The surgery was successful, however there was so much damage done to her brain that her recovery was unlikely. She was non responsive and never regained consciousness. Amy remained in intensive care on life support for the next five days where they tried unsuccessfully to relieve the pressure in her brain that was steadily building.
Amy underwent several tests this afternoon to determine if there was any activity in her brain. It was clear to her physicians and myself that there was none so at approximately 10:10 PM this evening, while holding her hand, I gave my consent to shut off her respirator and she expired five minutes later.
Dawn, you can imagine how difficult that decision was for me to make but I had absolutely no doubt in my mind that it was the best thing to do for Amy and that she would have wanted it that way. She passed with dignity and at no time did she ever feel any pain. It was and will always be the most difficult thing I have ever done.
I am still numb and I don't think it has all sunk in yet. I lost my Dad just five months ago but never expected to lose the love of my life so soon and in this way. We had so many plans for the future and we were both looking forward to seeing Megan grow up. I kept Megan apprised of all the events and she is devastated. I can't even imagine what it must feel like to lose your mother at the age of thirteen. Between Amy's family and my own, Megan is getting a lot of support. My three kids have been here with us thru out this ordeal and have been a big help to her.
I am truly sorry she did not have the opportunity to attend the reunion. Amy touched many lives, mine the most, and everyone prayed for her to pull thru but it was not to be. I think God had other more important plans for her.
Megan and myself thank you and all of Amy's friends for your prayers. She loved all of you!


My name is Gail Falitz. I just learned of Amy's death from Dawn Kopman. I was an old close friend of Amy's since JHS 67.  We like so many people do, had a falling out a number of years ago. I can't even remember why now. It seems so trivial in the whole scheme of life. This happened way before the birth of her daughter Megan. Amy and I had re-connected when I moved back to NY from Boston and she from Maryland.
We had lots of great times together. I sent the attached photos to Dawn for the website. We went on a vacation to Club Med (I am the one with the blonde curly hair) which was one of the greatest memories I have. We met some guys (no surprise) and had our own friday shabbat service on the beach at sunset.
I made her a 35th b'day party in NY and sent her a male stripper. Don't know how much you know about her single escapades but she was always full of life and had so many people around her.  I lived in the next  apt bldg from her in Gramercy Park. I knew Shirl and Larry and Harvey as well. I was friends with her when she made the move into real estate and knew how quickly she took to that profession. I cannot imagine how grief striken you must be. Her poor daughter to loose a parent at such a young age is so sad. 

Amy will always be in my heart. I will email you more photos. She was an amazing person and had such a zest for life. I was hoping to re-connect with her at the reunion, since the only other one I attended,  I had gone with her. Life is too short. I wish you and Megan blessings.

My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

Gail Faliz

I first became friends with Amy when we moved to Van Zandt Ave in the winter of 1959. We were in the same kindergarten class, rode on the bus together. She was always a lot of fun. One of the things I remember best about Amy was that she was a leader, and everyone looked up to her. In 5th grade, for some reason, the Charleston became popular with the girls, and Amy knew all the steps. I remember her teaching us at recess how to do it, and to this day, I still remember how to dance it. We drifted apart in JHS and HS, but I always had fond memories of her. My mother had heard from a friend of Amy's mother that she was married and living in FL. Then when I saw her name on the message board, I had to write her. She wrote back and was very happy to hear from me. She enjoyed the Charleston memory and was looking forward to reconnect with me and many other ex classmates. To her husband Gene, daughter Megan, and her parents, I offer my condolences. I know she will be with us in spirit at the reunion, maybe even teaching the Charleston to the angels.
Vicki Ray Blitenthal
My Dear Friend, Aimela:

This wasn't supposed to happen.  We were going to move back to Florida and
be Harley buddies.  Through the good times and rough times, we were always
there for each other.  I will miss you, but you will ALWAYS be in my
thoughts and I will NEVER forget you.   And just know, Gene and Megan will
ALWAYS be a part of my life also.

Luv you,
a/k/a Sue Levy
Hello Dawn,

I am of course very saddened about the news of Amy Axelrod passing away.  I was truly touched by her friendship while in school years and years ago. 

Please pass my prayers and condolences to her family and loved ones.  It is a sad St Patricks day.

All My Best, Richard Fox
I am Amy's mother Shirley Goodman who will find it very difficult to go on without her.  Amy was there for me for everything and anything and Amy was capable of doing anything she said her mind to.   She was miraculous.  She loved all of her friends and was looking forward to reconnecting with all of her old friends at the upcoming reunion.  For me the loss is unbearable but let her memory be an inspiration to all who knew her. Love,  Shirley
about her – family, friends, community, the deeper the grief and sharper the pain.  In my wildest dreams, I never thought I would have to eulogize my baby sister.  She is my only sibling and it has taken the two of us 50 years to truly fall in love with each other. It is with deep love and great pain that I stand before you all – her family and her friends to The worthier the person, the greater the loss to the living.  The more she meant to those share some tidbits of Amy’s life that unfortunately has been cut down too soon.  Living through the years of sibling rivalry, a broken home, the traumas and joys of childhood, the marriages, the careers and the raising of our children, it was really only in the last few years that we have had the time to step back and take the time to really know each other.  It was then that we began to understand each other.  And Amy I understood very well.   Born to Harvey & Shirley Axelrod on March 5, 1953, she just enjoyed her 53rd birthday.  She grew up in Little Neck, New York and we shared a house with our folks on  248-34 Van Zandt Ave.  For the first 11 years with Father Harvey and the next 10 years with step-father Larry.

Amy was a bit of a rebel, a real fireball, a hippie of the 70’s  keeping everyone in the family on their toes. Amy was fun-loving – never missing a rock concert, a state fair, a Las Vegas trip or a night on the town.   Amy was very generous, both with her time and with her money. She was great on the computer and a technological wizard with gadgets and figures. Amy was compassionate, she was flexible, she was quick witted, never failing to send me a joke each day on the internet.  And she was adventurous, never afraid to try something new,  - constantly re-inventing herself to take on a new challenge. I would marvel at how she was never afraid of a new job or challenge.  How could you stay in the same job for so many years she would always ask me?  Aren’t you bored?   How many of you knew that Amy worked for a horse vetinarian, worked in a kosher butcher shop, and worked selling real estate for the owners of the New York Mets. Whatever field of endeavor she decided to try, she went ahead and did it.   And Amy did things spontaneously – she would get an idea and immediately follow through on it. Always having faith in the future way things would turn out. She took the rocky & risky road at times, but always said  - what the heck – why not take a chance at life. I’m doing it!   But most adoring of all qualities about Amy – she functioned from her heart first .”    “We’ll talk about how it worked out afterwards” she would say, - “ this is what I feel like doing now.”  She said what was on her mind with no censorship and no reservation.  She was refreshingly honest and I think that that is the quality that Gene fell in love with  -  along with the rest of us.

Which brings me around to the best part of her life – her daughter Megan and husband Gene.  Let’s start with Megan.  At the age of 40 Megan, your mother gave birth to you,  and boy have you made her proud.  Whenever I spoke to her, the first thing out of her mouth was praise and admiration for all of your accomplishments.  A straight A student who has succeeded so far in everything that she does, including the wonderful Bat Mitzvah that we attended in November.  Megan – shoot for the moon because this is what mommy would have wanted for you.  She will always be watching and cheering you on.  Cherish your memories of her and continue to make her proud and take on her best qualities and pass them on to your children. .   And Gene – what can I say to you?   You and Amy had your entire lives ahead of you. with so much to look forward to.  I only hope that you will find the strength to deal with this and find comfort in the joy of Megan, & your children and all of your extended family and friends.  You have set an example for all of us of what mature love and companionship is all about and have demonstrated in countless ways what a superior human being you are. Amy recognized that and loved you dearly for it.  To all of your children – Watch how your dad conducts himself in life and model yourselves after him.

And to my mom – Words cannot express the worst pain of the human experience – the passing of a child.  It is not supposed to be this way, but you must be strong because  Megan and Gene and I need your strength.  You brought us Amy and we all thank you because everyone here loved her and you were the one who made her lovable.  She not only looked like you but had your heart of gold.

And to me – her Sister Linny -  we spoke everyday, sometimes twice and it was usually on my train rides back and forth to work.  I greeted her with a “Hi Amala! “ And she greeted me with that familiar “ Hi Linny”. I will never be able to remove her name and number from my cell phone and my train rides will never be the same.  And we would share our thoughts of the day  & check with each other how mom was doing and then bragged about our terrific kids.  We shared the weather – the blizzards and the hurricanes,  discussed politics, our jobs,  the latest face cream and reflected on  past life in Little Neck. She never let me forget that when I babysat for her when we were young kids,  I forced her to watch horror movies  with me – my favorite was “The attack of the 50 foot woman.” She didn’t sleep for weeks after that. Whenever she had a sleepless night she would say –“ it was the 50 foot woman Linny.” -   And we would laugh ourselves silly.  She always enjoyed keeping in touch with old friends and was planning on attending her high school reunion in a few weeks. She loved her friends – past and present and they were a very important part of her live.  We even recently began sharing some of our aches and pains but decided not to complain too much to each other for fear of stealing the show from mom. When she complained of a headache, a told her to just take two advils.  Who would ever imagine the events that followed.?   Thank you Amy for giving me the blessing and gift of having a sister. My mother said to me once that friends come in and out of your life, but a sister is there always. Stay close she said  -  And we did!        And  -

To all the people that she loved and touched, I thank you on her behalf for making her life worth living. I thank the medical team that tried so hard to save her life. I thank the Aunts and Uncles, Cousins, next door neighbors and neighbors down the street and beyond.  I thank the in-laws, and all the steps in our extended family. I thank the babysitters and the household support, the employers and I thank the friends from the past and the present. And I especially thank the spouses and the children.  Amy - We will never forget your gorgeous spirit, your big green eyes and your heart of gold.

May your soul rest in peace and may you right now be standing on that top step on the “Stairway to Heaven.”   Fly high with the angels!
                                                                                             Love,  Your Sister Linny.

Hi Dawn:  Thank you so much for all that you are doing.  I just returned to New York where I am sitting shiva for my sister Amy.  I am attaching the eulogy that you can post on the website.  Thanks and Bless you.    Love,  Her Sister Linny

MARCH 5 1953-MARCH 15 2006
I remember how beautiful Amy was.....
My deepest sympathy to her family,
Barbara - JHS 67 - Deepdale
dear gene, and Megan
I have known amy since we were 5.  My sister Deanne and Amy became fast friends.  Deanne, Jayne Braiman and Amy were 3 inseparable friends.  The best part was that our fathers, Charlie and Harvey were also best friends.
My sister spent so much time in the Axelrod home,  We remember playing in the school yard, looking for boys. orjust eating a fancy breakfast on Sunday mornings with the fanciest dishes.  Amy always had the most upto date styles.  I will always remember when Amy got the first sasoon haircut.  She looked so adorable
I too was friends with Amy growing up.  I had corresponded with her last year, but lost touch, as did my sister.  The last time I saw Amy was at my sister's wedding in NYC which was some time ago and she looked beautiful.
I just wanted to send my sympathy to the family, Shirley, Linda and you Gene and Megan.
The grief of losing such a special person at such a young age is incomprehensible.  There is definitely a new star in heaven.
With deepest sympathy
susanne holzer